My Journey

Tunesmith, Typer, Performer

I am Ben Lorentzen.

I am thrilled that you are here – because we are a lot alike,
you and I! We are both passionate about the music we chose

to listen to. Music has to mean something to you, it has to make you feel something, it has to provoke your thinking.

I create music that makes my hair stand up!

I think that people around me want the same, so I make sure to

put the best I can into writing a song that will provoke an opinion,

a feeling, a thought.


My philosophy

My philosophy is: If you don’t feel it, don’t play it.

I bet it’s the same for you. Why play it if you don’t feel it?


Radio Top 40 Hits

Video views

Cups of Coffee

In case you wondered…

… I come from one of the most dramatic places on the planet;


I saw my first northern light when I was 5 years old

I understand why it is top 5 on people’s bucket list.
Maybe yours too?
I think experiences like seeing the Northern Lights forms you.
It certainly shaped my music.
It’s dramatic, dark, quiet, blissful, noisy and beautiful.
I sense similar forces in the music of Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell, Lennon, Tame Impala, just to mention a few.
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What people have said…

… about my music!

“The intensity of his spirit paired with his musical prowess
creates an evocative combination that will make this album soar.”
“The New Jersey singer-songwriter possesses the spellbinding quality
held by legends Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen and Elliot Smith: in his music lies a raw
introspectiveness that’s difficult not to feel connected to.”
“I really can’t recommend this one highly enough to you.”
“… Ben Lorentzen draws you into his darkly cathartic narrative world below”
“America is an album for quiet introspection. Spin it during a quiet moment….”

What I have said…

… about my previous record “King of Bitter Sorrow” – a “making – of ” documentary!

Live Music!

Watch us play live on a rooftop in Brooklyn as a rehearsal right after “Pains and Pleasures” was recorded. Band in AWESOME form!

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