An ESCAPE. It’s the THRILL I am seeking as I create music. It’s not the practice or singing or songwriting – it’s that THRILL.



Music takes you to another place. The creative muscle is transformative. Literally transforms you as a person. You are “here” one minute, but then a song takes you to another place the next.

I Am Ben Lorentzen

Tunesmith, Typer, Performer

I wrote my first song at age 11. I had this feeling of high – like I was walking on clouds and  it lasted for a full week. Discovering my creative muscle was so amazing. To capture the search for that thrill. I believe the purpose of life is to connect to your own conscience – kind of a Star Wars type of force. One pathway to this is our creativity in general and for me music in particular. For me the  big goal in life is to live as close to my conscience as possible and to discover the beauty of life through the beauty of art. 

The first song I wrote was about an old man whom at the end of his life is looking back. It’s a somber, rather unusual place to sit as an 11-year-old. That has stayed with me as a writer. The fact that we will all die is a beautiful framework, because it sets up every minute as important. Life gets quickly filled up with things, to – do lists, deadlines and goals. Through art and music I have discovered that life has a deeper meaning.

What people have said…

… about my music!

“The intensity of his spirit paired with his musical prowess
creates an evocative combination that will make this album soar.”
“The New Jersey singer-songwriter possesses the spellbinding quality
held by legends Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen and Elliot Smith: in his music lies a raw
introspectiveness that’s difficult not to feel connected to.”
“I really can’t recommend this one highly enough to you.”
“… Ben Lorentzen draws you into his darkly cathartic narrative world below”
“America is an album for quiet introspection. Spin it during a quiet moment….”

What I have said…

… about my previous record “King of Bitter Sorrow” – a “making – of ” documentary!

“I would step outside our house and try to get people’s attention – I would scream and bang sticks together – I didn’t even understand English but wanted to express that energy.”

Ben Lorentzen at Age 5

Inspirations and Evolutions

My parents had a black and white TV when I was 5 years old. We were watching flashbacks of music from the last 10 years and there was Elvis. He was just exploding on the screen – sliding down the fire pole while singing Jail House Rock. What got to me more than anything else was his energy. That’s the energy level I want to reach. Not a physical, muscular energy, but rather an energy inside. A spiritual experience.

I grew up in Norway. But because of my parent’s interest, I became exposed to some of the great American and British artists. Artists including Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, and The Beatles. I fell in love with America. American cars. Our house was on the Atlantic Ocean and I would look over and dream of the Mekka on the other side where Rock and Roll was born.

As I got older, I discovered and began to explore a bit of a darker side to music. Music can serve as a mirror to your darker or more serious self. It can help you dig into the bigger questions in life.

Artists that inspired me to seek a little deeper would be Nick Cave, Chris Cornell, A-ha, Soulsavers and 16 Horsepowers.

On this journey I learnt to look for music that was more than moment centered, that had a deeper goal, that helped me see a deeper self. I’m a hopeless romantic, but I recognize through my personal growth that building real, deep relationships is what I want, first and foremost.

Music, art, culture all play a role in that. In a wider perspective I believe culture can have a healing role and give people with opposing views a platform to talk about common sense issues, such as the human condition, our path forward as a big human family, and in so doing help create a platform so we can solve environmental issues, racial issues, economic issues, divisions and unrest.

Live Music!

Watch us play live on a rooftop in Brooklyn as a rehearsal right after “Pains and Pleasures” was recorded. Band in AWESOME form!

The Meaning Behind the Song

Learn about the meaning behind some of my favorite songs and how they came to be. 


This song was written in a hotel room in Oslo, Norway. It was March 2020.

This new virus had just broken out, Israel had just closed its borders and I knew the rest of the world would follow suit soon. I had to end my tour of Germany half way through, and quickly try to make my way back to the US and to my family.

Sitting in Oslo listening to the Norwgian Prime minister and the US President explain the situation, I was lonely, I missed my wife and family and I was thinking: what if I don’t make it back?

With these feelings coursing my veins I felt the urge to write it down, express it, put it somewhere. This song came out.

At times of crisis, we seek our loved ones. 


When I play live this might be my most requested song.  It’s a little odd to me because it is very quiet and very slow.

This was written during one of my lowest points in life. I worked as a substitute teacher but got laid off. I wrote new songs at fever pitch, but no one wanted my songs. I ran out of money,  drank way too much, and finally lost my apartment and had to sleep on my sister’s couch. She even had to lend me money, just so I could scrape by. 

During this period I had a recurring dream. I woke up one morning and decided to write down what I kept seeing in that dream. It became this song. 


The world can crash around you, but it doesn’t have to decide how you see the world. 

We are currently in dark, troubled times. But we can still have hope.

I decided some time ago that I want to be in charge of how I  see the world and myself in it, not be dictated to by my environment.

“That group of people over there are my brothers, even if I don’t like them. Those people over there are my sisters even if I don’t agree with them.”

What I hope to do in the end is look back at my life like the old man in my very first song.

I hope I remember what I did to leave this world a better place for my kids and future generations.