Hello, I’m Ben

Welcome !


I would love to welcome you to my tribe!
I have a bunch of new tunes that I am stoked to play for you in the upcoming weeks and months.   

But  in  order  to  do  this  I  need  your  help!
Big or small, it’s your call. 

Below you will find a few options to do just that. I sincerely hope you will check it out and perhaps choose one of the several possible ways to support me so I can go on…

... making music

Coming up with new songs is hard work, but kind of the reason why I am in this business. The magical feeling of creating something that wasn’t there before!


... producing

Once a song is done it needs to be produced, mixed and mastered. I pay a great team of people helping me make this a reality. ONE song from finsih to end is about $1200.

... do photo's & artwork

Photo’s are super important in this new music industry. For general art work (covers, banners, posters, etc) and social media posting. A photoshoot costs me $500 – 1500.

... produce videos

I have learnt to edit video, but I hire lyric video makers for $150 pr video, and I also pay for additional people to appear, usually $150 pr appearance.


... make blogs/ podcasts

This is similar to songwriting, in that it doesn’t cost me anything other than a huge amount of time. It’s labor intensive, and eats up quiet a few hours pr week.

... create platforms, make ads & do outreach

In order to be able to get “out there” I constantly have to keep up to date with new platforms. I have spent $3-5000 (at least) to learn how to use these platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Aweber). I have to advertise my music, host my music, pay to and get them onto all the platforms (like Spotify) so everything can be available to you.



Radio Top 40 Hits

Video Views (50 videos)

Cups of Coffee

Here’s how you can help:


The easiest way is to simply donate. You chose any amount you want. Every dollar will count and go towards work I have listed above.

Become a Patreon

A Patreon is one who makes a monthly pledge as low as $1. One of the best ways to make sure I can plan ahead and set time aside to make music, podcasts, videos and blogposts is to know there will be a monthly income.

Buy Merch

I have a ton of cool merch you can get into.
T-shirts, hats, coffe mugs, phone cases… the works. Here’s a thought: You have a favorite song of mine? Get the title, the art work or what you like printed on what you like. I’ll make it for you! Click the button and check out my merch!

Not ready to make a donation? Here is something you can do instead!

You can stream my music on your favorit platform. If possible follow, subscribe & like my song(s) on that platform too. These smaller steps are a tremendous help!

(For Subtitles: hover over video, click CC bottom right.)

Thank you so much once again! 

I hope we’ll meet

one day somewhere

down the road!