spirituality, and the hazards of love.

Topics that Cave, Cohen, Dylan and Harvey fans will recognize!

A video series in 4 chapters!

Video 1: Lay Down in the Dark

Video 2: Dead Man in the Closet

Video 3: Crows on the Wire

Video 4: Alabaster Jar

Ben Lorentzen and video director Johan Anderson
have made a series of conceptually-linked videos
that tell a continuous story of compulsion, spirituality, and the hazards of love.

Topics that fans of the noir genre will recognize!

Lorentzen and Anderson have taken great care with these clips: they were shot through vintage lenses and presented in a wide-screen format, just like an old movie. Nods to Bergman and film noir will be apparent to buffs; others will simply appreciate the richness of the cinematography and the intriguing nature of the narrative.

Lorentzen grew up in Tromsø, Norway  –  above the Arctic Circle – a place where the sun doesn’t rise for months at a time – and that chill is present in every black-and-white frame.

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